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Ian Oliver

Ian Oliver

In 1994 Ian Oliver discovers his love for electronic dance music through a friend. He starts by recording lots of radio programmes but soon realises that he wants more than just to listen to the music. He wants to be part of the this world!

Two years later Ian buys his first set of record players and, with second-hand records, teaches himself to DJ. He quickly develops a flair for vinyls, but his many tape mixes only reach a small audience. Not long after he meets one of the best known techno DJs and a friendship develops. Together with Tom Wax, Ian Oliver does the round of the clubs. Soon he gets to know how it all works. And he is hooked.

He starts to mix for small private parties, but quickly moves on to larger graduation parties. His fresh, innovative House sounds excite his audiences. In 2003 Ian, who was born in Darmstadt as Jan Winkler, becomes part of the club scene in his home town. He spends his evenings in its lounges and clubs and his style and his sounds develop. Tom Wax soon recognises Ian's talent and, at the end of 2004, he invites Ian to join him as resident DJ at the newly opened Orange Club. The two, together with DJ Ufuk, Boris Alexander and the Superstar DJ Team, are responsible for the Saturday night mixes. It's not long before "Let there be House" Saturday nights are legendary in the Rhein-Main area.

At the same time Ian becomes a resident of the Darmstadt.eins party series and starts to work with Tom Wax on his first releases. In summer 2006, he releases "Ian's Empire", his cover version of "Sonic Empire", on Millionaire Recordings.

At the beginning of 2007 Ian decides to move from Darmstadt to the capital city. Berlin is a real inspiration for the talented newcomer - as can be heard in October in his latest release "Bucovina" which is again produced by his friend and DJ colleague Tom Wax. This is a collaboration with the Balkan Beats DJ Shantel hit the European Dance & Official Charts by storm and in Germany stayed at the peak position of the German Dance Charts for 8 weeks in a row.

In April 2008 the follow-up "Vino Vino" will be another cooperation with Eastenders, another well know act from the clubby world-music scene and again features the outstanding fusion of groovy beats with this time a Turkish traditional melody. There is no question that this track will get the ears of DJ's and clubbers around the world.

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Ian Oliver

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