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Since the young age of 14 the passion and ardor for the techno movement in Europe, encourage him to explore the variety of the expression of tendency that was revolutioning the world music Club scene.

Like each young talented dj, Neuroxyde is searching the road for the access in his City Clubs and with the passing by of the time he becomes well-known to the public. His attraction for the electronic grooves, brings him to meet Andrea Prezioso, his “precious” mentor for a few years, and releasing his first production in 1997.

From this point on was for Neuroxyde clear on his mind, that this would be his destination, like a Train rail without stops. Till 2002, year which inaugurates his first professional studio, he switches music productions and gigs on the whole Italian territory. With his actual collaborators (Valentina Dante, David Jones and Barbara Tanzini) administrates different well know Italian labels of the last few years, moving from different styles and genres taking him to the top of the Top sales charts in Europe.

In 2007 he wins the silver disk in France with over 100.000 sold singles and more than 400.000 copies all over the globe. From the old continent to the whole Globe a short step: Starlight Music is born and in a short break of time it becomes one of the most researched and respected labels, boasting of collaborations with artists of worldwide fame like Shara Nelson of Massive Attack, Dubfire, D.O.N.S. to nominate a few. The next step is take of granted: create a label made to fit with his passion and musical requirements.

Neurotraxx is born, a forge that materialize tracks that are played by the most influenced top dj’s of the world. His devotion of the world of Club is still today alive, and his competence and professionality are unquestionably appreciated.

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03:01 - 04:02 Uhr
Freude am Tanzen ::: Berk Offset

04:02 Uhr Electronica Records
05:02 Uhr Kiddaz.FM
06:02 Uhr Kompakt
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00:00 ::: Cadenza ::: Igor Vicente (Source)
00:57 ::: Cadenza ::: Igor Vicente (Cycle)
02:01 ::: Keinemusik Radio Show ::: by Adam Port
03:01 ::: Freude am Tanzen ::: Berk Offset
04:02 ::: Electronica Records ::: Sasha Khizhnyakov
05:02 ::: Kiddaz.FM ::: Martin Books
06:02 ::: Kompakt ::: Michael Mayer
07:02 ::: Smiley Fingers Radio Show ::: mixed by Andrea Arcangeli
08:01 ::: My Favourite Freaks ::: David Keno
09:01 ::: Nightrider Radio Show ::: mixed by SPAG
10:01 ::: abstrait session 200 part 1 ::: by Raphael Marionneau
11:00 ::: abstrait session 200 part 2 ::: by Raphael Marionneau
11:58 ::: GOGO Music Radioshow 471 ::: MAQman
12:58 ::: Suntree Records ::: Oded Nir Super November mix 2014
13:59 ::: Eine Tuete Musik 002 ::: mixed by flausch
15:59 ::: Sincopat Radio Show 083 ::: Alberto Sola
16:59 ::: George Morel and Groove On presents ::: Danny Fry
17:59 ::: bouq. ::: Butch Winter Mix 2.2
18:59 ::: Plastic City Radioshow Special ::: Oscar Barilla
19:59 ::: able 020 ::: Robin Raubvogel and guest Greeko
21:59 ::: able 020 ::: guestmix by Rampa and Dole & Kom