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John Dimas

John Dimas

John Dimas
Stadt: Thessaloniki - Griechenland
Labels: Back And Forth / Bass Culture / One Records

Thessaloniki native John Dimas is a well-known performer in Greece
who throughout his career has dabbled with production and live performances as a DJ. His introduction to music was in 1999; collecting records of many and various artists. His musical culture at this time included a wide range of styles: techno, acid and more specifically house music. He built himself a strong reputation as a DJ, and more precisely for his capacity to dig out hot and exclusive tracks. As a DJ, he without question possesses an incredible talent and is undoubtedly a rising star. Two decks and a homemade mixer were the ‘tools’ for the production of his first DJ sets. International DJ’s and club owners though, soon recognized his musical and mixing talents. His unique DJ set, using 3 turntables, has also been presented on various dance floors, not only in his native country, but also abroad. Amongst his highlights is a performance at the Nuits Sonores festival in France.
At the age of 22 John became part of a local collective in his home city called the NON Agency. Since then he has played at numerous gigs all around the country, with participation at the Reworks festival among his best performances. In 2011 has joined Audiofamilies Agency. His music delivers a rhythm that will just keep lifting your mind and mood higher and higher as the night wears on, based on House bass lines with tech edges.
Apart from his DJ activity, John has begun to take his musical talents into the studio. In 2008, he made his first production attempt as half of Actor One. Nowadays John is focusing more on solo productions with great releases on labels like Bass Culture, Smoke City, Claap, One Records and of course Back And Forth.

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Romy S. (Club) ::: Tube & Berger

08:02 Uhr Romy S. (Club)
09:02 Uhr Yoruba Soul Radio 108
10:02 Uhr Noorden Radio 006
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John Dimas

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07:02 ::: Romy S. (Club) ::: Tube & Berger
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10:02 ::: Noorden Radio 006 ::: plastic cinch magnetic
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