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franco cinelli

Franco Cinelli was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1978. He's one of the most well known techno DJ/Producer in Argentina. Being just 14 years old, he started his djing career. Interested in drums, he started to research about creation and development of music thru computers and samplers. In 1995, inspired by the sounds of Detroit, he made his very first tracks. As the years were going thru, Cinelli was gaining experience, and became a key player in the argentine scene. His DJ sets are an harmonic blend between different styles rounded by a flawless mixing technique. In Argentina, he played in almost every important club around. Being also one of the residents of El Sotano, one of the best clubs in Argentine scene.

On that period, he shared the booth with Diego RO-K, Diego Cid, Nico Purman, Dee Jason, Club Rayo Djs, Leonel Castillo (Boeing), Dr. Trincado, Carla Tintore, amongst others and international jocks like Jeff Bennett, Bill Patrick, Tom Pooks, Mathew Jonson and Someone Else. In 2003, he made his first european tour, djing in important clubs and festivals in Spain. In 2005, after having some vinyls and cd albums out in some smalls labels, he developed the stunning 'Picaro EP' with Bruno Pronsato which was an underground smasher, reaching spot 7 in the charts of the prestigious german magazine 'Groove'.

For 2006, Franco developed a new format in his live shows combining both Vinyl and a Live Set with his laptop, adding an unique dynamic to his sets. Also he became one of the most requested producers in the 'minimal world' having a lot of eps, remixes and tracks scheduled for that year, being the main highlight his album for Alphahouse Records. He continued the release row in 2007 with amazing releases on Esperanza, Adjunct, Hello? Repeat and remixing for several labels like Weave, Sunset, Produkt, Claque Musique, International Freak Show, Weave definitely settling his name down on the underground scene.

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12:59 - 13:59 Uhr
Brise Records 10.2 ::: mixed by Marco Zorano

13:59 Uhr Circle Music
15:02 Uhr like birdz
16:00 Uhr Style Rockets
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franco cinelli

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01:00 ::: IDEAL Audio ::: Oliver Huntemann
02:01 ::: Highgrade ::: Mihai Popoviciu
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03:59 ::: My Favourite Freaks ::: Patrick Kunkel
04:59 ::: Freaky Vibes ::: Adam Helder
05:59 ::: Nightrider Radioshow ::: guestmix by Paul Yang
06:59 ::: Octopus Radio 073 ::: SIAN at Rise Boston
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09:01 ::: guestmix ::: mixed by Kernkreis
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11:02 ::: AEON Audio ::: Denis Horvat
11:59 ::: Brise Records 10.1 ::: mixed by Helmut Dubnitzky
12:59 ::: Brise Records 10.2 ::: mixed by Marco Zorano
13:59 ::: Circle Music ::: DJ Franksen
15:02 ::: like birdz ::: Mauro Basso
16:00 ::: Style Rockets ::: Drauf and Dran at Fusion 2014
17:00 ::: Steyoyoke Radioshow ::: by Djuma Soundsystem
18:01 ::: Planet E ::: Monty Luke at BIS
19:01 ::: Keinemusik Radio Show ::: by David Mayer
20:01 ::: Get Physical Radio 171 ::: mixed by Martin Eyerer
21:02 ::: Mobilee ::: Lee van Dowski
22:00 ::: Trapez ltd ::: Ash Roy
23:01 ::: BPitch Control ::: Ellen Allien Live at D-Edge Sao Paolo