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Sebastian Mullaert is probably most famous for his recent success with his Minilogue alias, releasing the album Animals on Cocoon Recordings last year. During the last years he's been touring heavily around the globe both as live performer with Minilogue and as a dj under his own name. He have also been producing music under the name IMPS, Son Kite and Ooze.

As a dj Sebastian is working all over the place mixing everything
from dub, jazz and beats thru ambient and electronica up to techno and house in various forms. The musical direction of his sets is of course depending on place and time, night time at the club, daytime at a mountain festival or at an art exhibition sounds
dramatically different. The red line through Sebastian's dj set is
the aim of storytelling and building, this is also why his set's
rarely is shorter than 4 hours and most often much longer ... His
favorite set starts when the club or party open, building the
music from nothing up to the sweaty smoky time of the night.

2009 will be a busy year with a lot of touring both as Dj and with
Minilogue, releasing a bunch of 12" on different labels and a
double Minilogue live album on Cocoon after the summer.

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09:02 - 11:01 Uhr
Paper Recordings Radio ::: Spring 16 feat. Crazy P

11:01 Uhr DiGG DeeP Sessions Show 015
12:01 Uhr MINOO Radio Show 33
13:03 Uhr Moon Harbour Radio 71
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00:00 ::: Numbolic 024 ::: mixed by Dualism
02:02 ::: Amselcom ::: Samuel Fach
03:03 ::: Children Of Tomorrow March 2016 ::: Savas Pascalidis & Arnaud Le Texier
05:03 ::: Analouge Audio ::: Sven Sossong & Daniel Cuminale b2b @Magnet pt.1
06:03 ::: BPitch Control ::: by MANIK
07:03 ::: Coolsville.Radio ::: Olivier van Holten
08:02 ::: Empore Music ::: Jeremy Liar
09:02 ::: Paper Recordings Radio ::: Spring 16 feat. Crazy P
11:01 ::: DiGG DeeP Sessions Show 015 ::: by Pantas Di Bobojan
12:01 ::: MINOO Radio Show 33 ::: Pedro Mercado
13:03 ::: Moon Harbour Radio 71 ::: with guest Joey Daniel
14:59 ::: Balance Selections 014 ::: by Jay Tripwire
16:02 ::: Brise Records 29 ::: Mixed by QLONS
18:02 ::: Smiley Fingers Show 134 ::: by Larry Cadge
19:02 ::: Einmusika ::: by Philipp Kempnich
20:02 ::: Get Physical Radio 242 ::: mixed by Thomas Gandey
21:02 ::: Highgrade ::: by Dexter Kane
22:02 ::: 2020Vision ::: Sven Tasnadi London Lighbox
23:02 ::: PullProxy ::: by Degray