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MBF - My Best Friend

6.00 - 7.00pm friday ::: every 28 days

6.00 - 7.00pm friday ::: every 28 days

Riley Reinhold feat. Cosmic Sandwich ::: Black Timbre ::: MBF
Riley Reinhold feat. Cosmic Sandwich ::: I Remember ::: MBF
Riley Reinhold feat. Cosmic Sandwich ::: Banco ::: MBF

Black Timbre

A long time has passed by since Riley Reinhold aka Triple R and Steve Barnes aka Cosmic Sandwich have recorded together. The new EP features a brand new track by both of them, called “Black Timbre” as well as two new tracks by Riley Reinhold.

“Black Timbre” is a track that works with the ingredients of all Cosmic Sandwich tracks. It is cool, handcrafted and made with hardware instruments. The track conveys a slack feeling and is very undogmatic but cool. Riley doing the overdubs and effects on this track, going through his 20 000 vinyl records stripping bits off here and there and putting them all together emerging in “Black Timbre”.

The track is a nice blend of disco and Detroit techno house with build ups that create a bit of tension and releasing it as soon as it reaches its peak. The flipside features “I Remember”. After Riley Reinhold's success of “Lights Go Out” recently released on MBF LTD 12019, this track is another atmospheric and emotional track. “I Remember” signalises loneliness in a strong way, also emptiness... nevertheless it is also a sweet track. A track with history in a way.

A track that throws in slashes of guitar sounds and the repetitive vocal “I Remember”, sparse and dry to the bone. Riley Reinhold has always written tracks in this style starting with “Another Day” and “Someday” on
MBF LTD years ago. So it is no surprise that this genre is one he identifies with more than with modern minimal. Desolate and haunting... this track has a bit of goose skin to it. “Banco” is the third track of this EP a elegant track, a soundtrack for a tour to the main bank in town.

Marbel, gold and properly dressed people.. shiny new people. Building on a Tangerine Dream kind of softness, classic strings and a never ending beat, this track is certainly a pure atmospheric track for a candle light dinner.

1. Black Timbre
2. I Remember
3. Banco

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Black Timbre

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