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Questions to Mauro Picotto:

“Digital” has profoundly affected the musical world, how has it affected you?

As a DJ and music producer it's affected me a lot, both good and bad. The good is it makes life easier in terms of cost and creativity and bad is I've had to learn how to use it and this takes times away from producing.

Digital world
Beyond music “digital” has become a way of life, with social media and non-stop communication. How has your participation in this world changed your life both publicly and privately?

I feel closer to the public, communication is faster then ever and I like being constantly in touch with the public. It’s super-positive for me and privately really doesn't bother me. I manage to have my time off when I need it.

A gig is always a give and take between artist and audience. What do you take home from a gig and what do you hope your audience does?

I always feel a great energy around an audience. As a DJ I feel the responsibility to boost this positive energy to the max and make the audience have the best experience. When I get back home and my adrenaline finally goes down I feel very satisfied and pleased with what I'm doing.

The music scene is constantly generating new genre labels. How have you been labeled? What label would you give yourself?

I don't give myself a label. Today, for me, club music is all everything from electronic house to techno and personally there is only good or bad club music. It's the good music that makes people appreciate the club lifestyle.

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2000 | The Double Album
Featuring Lizard, Komodo, Iguana, Pulsar, Baguette, Proximus

2002 | The Others
Featuring Verdi, Awesome!!!, Back to Cali, Hong Kong, Bangkok

2006 | Superclub
Featuring New Time New Place, Funkytek, Pandoro, Taotek, Darkroom

2007 | Now & Then
Featuring Evribadi, Contaminato, Maybe, Maybe Not

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