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The official podcast 055 by Rainer Weichhold (Kling Klong / Gold Records) is now available for DOWNLOAD

Rainer Weichhold started djing a long time ago in the late 80ies with an eclectic mixture of Funk, Hip Hop and Indie. First he was a true hater of everything techno and house, which only changed when he had his enlightenment listening to the sets of Alex From Tokyo during Rainer’s stay in France 1993. Alex showed him how house music can be soulful and made him discover the world of Masters At Work and their NY sound.

These days Rainer Weichhold plays two resident clubs and is touring all over Europe with his brilliant mixture of house, techhouse and classics. And be aware, his sets are rocking and making every dancefloor explode. So many years of experience can’t go wrong.

But that’s not everything as Rainer Weichhold was also the A&R of the German label Great Stuff Records, where he discovered artists like Gregor Tresher, Butch, Ramon Tapia, Lützenkirchen and many more. The label quickly gained massive respect and plays by the first league of the world’s biggest djs.

Since beginning of 2010 Rainer also manages the label Kling Klong records together with his friend Martin Eyerer.

After his very successful debut single “Naked”, he released his first Great Stuff 12” “Infinite Template” (with remixes by Kissy Sell Out and Martin Eyerer) in January 2007, a collaboration with Italian producers and DJs Dandi & Ugo which gained support by countless DJs for example Agoria, Mylo, Gregor Tresher, Oliver Koletzki, Etienne De Crécy.

Rainer’s own „Bamboo/Very Nice“ was released at the end of 2007 on Great Stuff featuring remixes by Format:B and Michoacan. With great support by Claude VonStroke, Karotte, Gregor Tresher, Paolo Mojo, Acquaviva, Prins Thomas, Shinedoe and Oliver Koletzki.

End of 2009 he finally came up with the highly acclaimed “Flashmobbing EP” on Great Stuff, followed up shortly by the singles “Ride The Horse” (Starlight), “Tango For Noemi” (GSR), “I Want You” (Kling Klong) and “Reis ft. Helge Schneider” (BluFin) in 2010.
His remix for the classic “Push Push” from Rockers Hi-Fi still gets played even nearly 2 years after release.

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01:00 - 02:00 Uhr
Traum (archive 2011) ::: Thomas Bjerrring

02:00 Uhr Traum (archive 2011)
03:00 Uhr Traum (archive 2011)
04:00 Uhr Traum (archive 2011)
Programm >> podcast 055 ::: by Rainer Weichhold (Kling Klong)

00:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Cl3ar
01:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Thomas Bjerrring
02:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Crowdkillers
03:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Roland M Dill
04:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Piemont
05:00 ::: Trapez (archive 2011) ::: Nick Olivetti
06:00 ::: Trapez (archive 2011) ::: Remerc
07:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Jules and Moss
08:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Crowdkillers
09:00 ::: Traum (archive 2011) ::: Anthrazit
10:00 ::: UTC (archive 2011) ::: Alfida Dolphins Femme
11:00 ::: UTC (archive 2011) ::: Val de Mossa with Start Your Night in Deep
12:00 ::: UTC (archive 2011) ::: Pete Namlook and Krystian Shek
13:00 ::: Romy S Club (archive 2011) ::: Barem pt.1
14:00 ::: Romy S Club (archive 2011) ::: Barem pt.2
15:00 ::: Romy S Club (archive 2011) ::: Anthony Rother
16:00 ::: Purple Muic (archive 2011) ::: Walterino
17:00 ::: Purple Muic (archive 2011) ::: Paolo Barbato
17:59 ::: Purple Muic (archive 2011) ::: Jamie Lewis
18:59 ::: Kompakt (archive 2011) ::: SID LeROCK live at Weekend Club Berlin
19:59 ::: Kompakt (archive 2011) ::: Shumi
21:00 ::: Kompakt (archive 2011) ::: Sebastien Bouchet Mix
22:00 ::: Kompakt (archive 2011) ::: President Bongo (GusGus)
23:01 ::: Kompakt (archive 2011) ::: PanTone