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Patrick Lindsey ::: Get Up and Bouce EP ::: Hideout Records

Label. Hideout Records
Artist. Patrick Lindsey
Featuring. K Mason
Title. Get Up and Bouce EP

  • A1: Get Up And Bounce
  • A2: Lockruf
  • B1: What I Remember feat. K Mason
  • B2: Schleifkraft

Patrick Lindsey is no newcomer. Active in the techno world since more than a decade, releasing music on labels like Terminal M, Kanzleramt, Kling Klong, SCI_TEC to name a few. So when Davide Squillace and Luca Bacchetti received a demo from the German producer, they were really impatient to open the zip fi le and discover what was inside.

The two discovered a four track ep full of analogue synths, organic beats and grooooove. So here is Hideout ninth release: Get up and
Bounce EP by Patrick Lindsey. It all starts with „What I Remember„, a very strong anthem with a disco funk loop background and deep vocals by K. Mason. The title track „Get Up and bounce„ is next with its hypnotic „Get Up„ voice snipet on top of a shuffl ed semi acoustic groove full of cow bells and snare drums. Third track of the EP is named „Lockruf“, evolving from a jazz sample thru vocal snipets, crazy drum rolls and saxo hooks. The last track of the EP is „Schleifkraft“ where a „straight to the point“ Chicago groove is topped with some more vocals, a very bouncy bass line and analogue synth sounds.
A new release in the HIDEOUT catalogue, four new techno tracks soon to become classics!!!

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Patrick Lindsey ::: Get Up and Bouce EP ::: Hideout Records

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