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Interview with Kris Menace & Miss Kittin

Do you consider the digital technology in the music business more like a mercy or a curse?

Miss Kittin: It's a tool. Up to you to use it well and serve your ideas. My inspiration doesn't come from technology, and I am not a technological person, but I always found fun to use it with intuition. For example, I find ways to do what I want even though I never read a manual. Happy accidents for instance.

Kris Menace: Technology changed the way we are living and theirfor how we make and handle music. I wouldn’t call it a curse as it’s a natural development or lets say part of an evolution. I personally prefer to touch things, but that’s only because i´m coming from an area where music for example was available on vinyl and cd´s. you had a value for things where today you just download millions of songs for free, watch them on youtube or listen to them on soundcloud…. Technology trys to make our live easier, but therfor more people can do things there were not able to do before…

How did the dj‘ing change through the digital technology?

Miss Kittin: You don't have to carry heavy record boxes anymore, they don't get lost or stolen in airports anymore either! It's a wrong dialogue. Technology never turned a bad DJ into a good one. Everybody has its own recipe, like cooking, it's interesting. But you definitely have more people pretending to be DJs and think they'll be famous because they have a good program to sync the tracks without working on the tempo.

Kris Menace: With todays technologie pretty much everybody can dj.
There are programms who calculate keys, speed and whatsoever. There are remix tools, dj mixers with effects… most of it is nonsence, but as you don’t need to have mixing skills anymore, they got other knobs and tools to do other things. I personally think that djing is overdone and nothing special anymore. I´m living in a small village and even tho i´m kinda totally cutted from public, I still know a few friends of my son who djing at the age of 9! Now you come…

And how did producing changed for you Kris?

Kris Menace: I remember times without VST and all that stuff. To Cut a loop you needed about an Hour where today you just zoom in and out. Back then, you had to buy proper super expensive gear for a lot of money and only a handful of people had been able to do that. Nowadays everybody can download even cracked software and do a track in a few hours if he´s technicly talanted. As I said, this has advantages and disadvantages. But its not for me to be the judge.

Where did you have your greatest performance?

Miss Kittin: I can't tell... I had many great moments... All around the world... It's like trying to compare your favorite movies...


Kris Menace teams up with the fabulous Miss Kittin to reveal 'Hide', the launch single taken from his debut vocal album called Features. First time director Mathieu Bétard created the animated video for ‘Hide’, working with the award winning Parisian production house Quad / WizzProd.

The remix package for ’Hide' includes mixes from Nhar (Kompakt, Correspondant), Undo (Factor City), Maethelvin (Valerie), Alexander Maier (Mood Music, Buzzin Fly), Pwndtiac (Work It Baby) and a DJ Pierre Beatport exclusive mix.

Kris’ new album, Features, includes thirteen incredible performances from Julian Hamilton (The Presets), the fabulous Miss Kittin, house music legend Robert Owens, Daft Punk collaborator Romanthony, the amazing German soul singer Xavier Naidoo, Chelonis R Jones (known for his work with Royksopp & Booka Shade) and MTV award winner Simon Lord (singer for Justice's ‘We Are Your Friends’) to name a few. able @ dienstgswelt  ::: 09.09.2014 im Cassiopeia (Berlin) Platte des Monats ::: August 2014     Interview mit Marko Fürstenberg Marko Fürstenberg ::: Ghosts From The Past ::: Ornaments Interview mit Martin Müller (youANDme/Rotary Cocktail)

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Interview with Kris Menace & Miss Kittin

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